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This makes you aware the limitation of this tool and that no one is reliable for any consequences. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Currently only The Ohio State University is supported.

Some departments "hide" the instructor name for their sections so we do a reverse lookup and reveal the names to you.

Instructors often keep changing until the classes offcially start. We pull the data from the official schedule so if it's not accurate, we have no control over it.

All departments at OSU are supported. As for the "reverse lookup", if you've found your way here, you should know ;) (OR try it out!)

Submit it on the Support page.

It is most likely the instructors have NOT been decided and course coordinator is listed instead.

Our data is cached for 1 week by default for performance reasons so click the "here" link at the very bottom of the Search page to flush the cache and force-update the results. Please note that the turnaround time for "reverse lookup" is about 24 hours after each force-update.

Either the instructor has not been "released", and/or "reverse lookup" is not supported for that department, or it is still under the 24-hour turnaround time.